Rank & File

(Volume VII, No. 6 : Nov./Dec. 1984)


(Last issue's article on the Hollywood 1952 International Tournament elicited this letter from Dr. Albert J. Russo, of Carlsbad, CA, who was present as an assistant to Herman Steiner.)

P.O. Box 382
Carlsbad CA 92008
Aug. 30, 1984

...did you know that George Koltanowski was asked three times to play, but his ongoing feud with Herman Steiner made their presence in the same room unbearable for Kolty?

Ray Martin (California State Champ) insisted on gambits in all games, and lost most.

Jim Cross (who gave up professional chess when Steiner died of a massive heart attack) was so in awe of most of the players that he lost on time several "won" games.

Kashdan was late for nearly every game - played very fast - and did poorly.

Sonya Graf (a nice person) was clearly out of her class, and never should have been asked to play, as her results showed. All the leading members of the chess community at that time felt that either George Croy, (who is credited in MCO for a variation of the Two Knights Defense) or Irving Revise, should have played instead of Miss Graf.

Dake played most of the top winners at speed chess, and lost no games, giving a draw only to Gligorich.

And so it goes - someday a definitive article on this tournament may be written...

A.J. Russo, Ph.D.

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