February-March 1970, Volume II, Numbers X-XI

Walter S. Browne Simultaneous Stuns Hayward

By MARTIN E. MORRISON, Scacchic Voice Editor

Promptly (!) at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, 29 December, Richard R. Shorman, President of the Hayward Chess Club and CCCA League and Publicity Director, stepped before 15 eager challengers, to present Walter S. Browne, youngest (20 years old) and newest (title awarded from the October San Juan International) International Grandmaster. After explaining the special rules for simultaneous play, Mr. Shorman aptly introduced the Brooklyn-born, Australian resident as "seeming perfectly ordinary-until you meet him over the chessboard!"

For 75 minutes the young grandmaster, in a hypnotic English graced with just a mild Australian accent, demonstrated before the 15 challengers, 13 spectators, and this Editor, his recent draw over Boris Spassky, newly crowned World Chess Champion, who, he said, "played pretty poorly in this game-made a few mistakes." Afterwards he discussed his draw with Mato Damjanovic, of Yugoslavia, and then plunged into the fray with his challengers.

At the end of play the grandmaster had racked up an admirable 14-1-0 score, only Eric Salo, Hayward Chess Club Secretary, being able to defeat him.

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