The Daily Review, Sunday, August 6, 1967


by richard shorman

White makes the most of his opening system in this game and follows through with a thematic Bishop sacrifice to produce an interesting chess miniature.

White: Fred Crosby. Black: Bill Rose.
Hayward Chess Festival, 1967
QP Game (Stonewall Attack)

1.d4 d5
2.e3 Nf6
3.Bd3 e6 (a)
4.Nd2 c5
5.c3 Nc6
6.f4 Bd6
7.Ngf3 0-0
8.Ne5 Ne8 (b)
9.0-0 f6 (c)

10.Bh7+ Kh7
11.Qh5+ Kg8
12.Ng6 Nc7 (d)
13.Rf3 Re8
14.Rh3 Ne7 (e)
15.Nh8 Resigns (f)

   (a) Black should postpone this move until his QB has been developed.
   (b) Intending to dislodge White's strongly centralized Knight with 9f6.
   (c) Black's best bet is to set up a "counter-Stonewall" by 9...f5. Now White affects an explosive breakthrough.
   (d) Better for Black is 12. Qc7 Rf3 13. f5.
   (e) Longer resistance is possible after 14Qd7 15.Nf3.
   (f) 15...Ng6!

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