Hayward Daily Review, Sunday, August 27, 1967


Richard Shorman

A great strength of the Colle System is its inherent soundness. With best play Black equalizes, but White always presents a solid, united front, rich in attacking possibilities.

Below, Black finds his Queen hopelessly trapped after making a seemingly routine move and has to resign before the game has hardly started.

White: Carl Ehmann. Black: Mike Weber.
CFNC League match, Nov. 16, 1967
Colle System.

1.d4 d5
2.Nf3 Nf6
3.e3 e6 (a)
4.Bd3 c5
5.c3 Nc6 (b)

6.Nbd2 Bd6
7.0-0 (c) 0-0
8.e4 (d) de (e)
9.Ne4 cd (f)
10.Nf6+ Qf6 (g)
11.Bg5 Resigns.

(a) Although not a mistake, this move poses White lesser problems than either 3...c5 or 3...g6.
(b) Black frequently plays 5...Nd7 here, which virtually compels White to accept an isolated QP, since 6 dc Nc5 makes it too hard for White to get in his key move, e4.
(c) The attempt to push e4 before castling fails to achieve the desired effect, e.g., 7.e4 cd 8.cd de 9.Ne4 Ne4 10.Be4 Bb4+.
(d) Correct is 8 dc Bc5 9 e4.
(e) Black misses his chance to assume the initiative with 8...cd: (1) 9.Nd4 Nd4 10.cd de 11.Ne4 Ne4 12.Be4 Bh2+; (2) 9.cd de 10.Ne4 Be7.
(f) With 9...Ne4 Black only trades one pawn weakness for another.
(g) After 10...gf interesting positions arise if White tries to force a win, but Black appears able to defend himself in all variations.


East Bay League
Concord-A, 7.5-.5
Berkeley, 7-1
Livermore, 5.5-2.5
Knightowls, 4.5-3.5
Concord-B, 3-5
Hayward, 3-5
Walnut Creek, 2-6
Richmond, 2-6
Stingers, 1.5-6.5

Peninsula League
Lockheed-B, 7-1
Palo Alto, 6.5-1.5
Lockheed-A, 6-2
IBM, 5-3
Burlingame, 5-3
Western Electric, 3-5
Los Altos, 1.5-6.5
San Jose, 1-7
Westinghouse, 0-8

El Camino Real League
San Bruno, 7-1
San Quentin, 6.5-1.5
Bank of America, 4.5-3.5
Mill Valley-A, 0-3
Mill Valley-B, 0-8

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