Hayward Daily Review, Sunday, May 26, 1968


by richard shorman


The tenth annual High School Open, sponsored by the Bay Area Chess League, was held May 17-18 at Alameda High School. Mr. T. E. Anderson of the Alameda Unified School District Guidance Department directed the five-round Swiss system event and awarded trophies and book prizes to the winners in each playing category.

"Expert" Division

David Amkraut, Cubberly High School, 4-1.
Van Fong, Hayward High School, 4-1.
Lupe Lopez, Sunset High School, 4-1.

"Experienced" Division

Kim Wheeling, Fremont High School, 4-1.
Tom Lojo, Hayward High School, 3.5-1.5.
Mike Albertson, Hayward High School, 3.5-1.5.

"Novice" Division

Howard Fisher, Cubberly High School, 4-1.
Jim McMartin, Mt. Eden High School, 4-1.
Neil Spingarn, Fremont High School, 4-1.

* * *

Tournament director Jerry Long presided over the fifth annual Walnut Creek Open Chess Championships, May 18-19. Nationally rated by the United States Chess Federation (compulsory USCF membership), the tournament attracted more than 40 competitors in four divisions.

Class "A"

Ken Yamamoto, Berkeley, 4-1, $30 plus trophy.
Gary Pickler, Danville, 3.5-1.5, $15.
Mark Watson, Berkeley, 3.5-1.5, $15.

Class "B"

Raymond Cuneo, Piedmont, 4.5-.5, $30 plus trophy.
Robert Clipson, Concord, 4-1, $15.
Paul Vayssie, San Francisco, 4-1, $15.

Class "C"

Jim Cornwell, Petaluma, 3.5-1.5, $25 plus trophy.
Everett McNally, Hayward, 3.5-1.5, $25.
3-6. Frank Olivera, Casy O’brien, Gordon Bigelow, F. D. Crabill, 3-2,
$2.50 each.

Junior Division

Jeff Pugh, Concord, 5.5-.5, trophy.
Stan Ewy, Walnut Creek, 5-1, trophy.
David Mitchell, Concord, 3.3, trophy.

* * *

   Speaking of traps, this one provided comic relief in the Class “C” Division. Caro-Kann addicts take note!

White: Leonard Trottier. Black: Walter Zimmerman. Walnut Creek Open, May 19, 1968. Caro-Kann Defense

1. P-K4 P-QB3
2. P-Q4 P-Q4
3. B-Q3 (a) N-B3
4. P-K5 KN-Q2
5. P-K6 PxP (b)
6. Q-R5ch Resigns

(a) Decidedly inferior to 3. N-QB3 or 3. PxP PxP 4. P-QB4. Against the textmove Black gains easy equality with 3... PxP 4. BxP N-B3.
(b) “Best” is 5.. N-B3.

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