Bookplates, Signatures and Inscriptions

   Inscription of SM Jude Acers who wrote chess column for the Berkeley Barb from 1972 through 1974.

   Signature of R. Ausmus, for a Hayward CC door prize on Jan 18, 1954. Director of the Hayward CC during the 1950's and 1960's.

   Signature of Raymond Ausmus.

   Bookplate of Charles Bagby, former Director of the Mechanics' Institute Chess Room.

   Bookplate of Charles Bagby.

   Signature of Ernest Bartholomew, for the Winner Section 3 of the Hayward Chess Festival. Officer of the Hayward CC during the 1960's.

   Inscription of Alan Benson, CalChess Hall of Famer.

   Inscription of Alan Benson.

   Signature and Bookplate of Alan Benson.

   Signature and Bookplate of Alan Benson.

   Signatures of all the players and directors of the July 9-30, 1984 U.S. Championship in Berkeley

   NM John Blackstone inscription 'In memory of William T. Adams'. William T. Adams was many-time champion of the San Jose Chess Club.

   Inscription of Shearon Bonnier of San Francisco

   Inscription of Shearon Bonnier

   Signature of GM Walter Browne of Berkeley.

   Signature of Horst Bullwinkle of San Francisco.

   Signature of Bob Burger, inscribed to Guthrie McClain.

   Signature of Irving Chernev, inscribed to Alan Benson.

   Signature of Irving Chernev.

   Signature of Irving Chernev

   Signature of Irving Chernev

   Inscribed 'To Mr Isham Railey Congratulations Prize Winner Chess Friends of No California Tournament January 1955'.

   Signed by the Chess Friends of Southern California's Officers; Fourth Prize Group C.

   Signature of Bill Cosby.

   Signature of GM Arthur Dake, inscribed to GM George Koltanowski.

   Signature of Frisco Del Rosario, chess columnist and chess book author.

   Signature of Frisco Del Rosario, inscribed to Kerry Lawless.

   Signature of Frisco Del Rosario, inscribed to Ray Schutt.

   Signature of IM John Donaldson, inscribed to Kerry Lawless.

   IM John Donaldson inscribed.

   Signature of IM John Donaldson.

   Signature of GM Reuben Fine, author of 'Chess the Easy Way'; one of the cornerstones of the Richard Shorman School of Chess.

   Presented to George W. Flynn by Correspondents Chess League of Pacific Coast, as winner of Section 194, 9th Semi-Annual.

   Signature of Alan Glasscoe, Longtime Director of the Berkeley CC and Director of numerous chess tournaments.

   Signature of Ronald Gross, California Master and chess book author.

   Signed by John Graham; "To Bob Henry - Enjoy your chess and may the wins appear. " Bob Henry was a strong San Jose Expert.

   Hayward High School CC written in book. Part of the chess club library.

   Signature of GM George Koltanowski for winner of the Valley of the Moon Chess Festival, Group 16, in Sonoma, Aug 15, 1954.

   Signature of GM George Koltanowski for winner of the Valley of the Moon Chess Festival, Group 22, in Sonoma, Aug 15, 1954.

   Signature of GM George Koltanowski "To Neilen Hultgren Champion of Class B, Barton Chess Club", in San Francisco, September, 1957.

   Signature of GM George Koltanowski "To R. H. Parker, Prizewinner in Paul Masson Vineyard Chess Competition", January 2, 1961.

   Signature of GM George Koltanowski "Dedicated to Kerry Lawless with best wishes", March 15, 1981.

   Signature of GM George Koltanowski; "To Carolyn Withgitt and Tom Dorsch for the fine directing of the San Francisco Chronicle's tournament - Oct 2/3, 1993."

   Signature of IM Imre Konig; "To George Farly with the authors complements."

   Signature of GM Emanuel Lasker. Stamp of Chess Festival Chamber of Commerce Sonoma, California. (I believe that George Koltanowski had a small number of these books which he handed out a prizes.)

   Signature of Emil Ladner, inscribed to Alan Benson.

   Signatures of most of the players who worked on the 1972 Lone Pine Bulletin, with Alan Benson's bookplate.

   Signature of W. R. Lovegrove

   Signature of GM Frank Marshall: "Sacramento Cal Feb 26, 1915, To Egbert A. Brown and I congratulate him on his fine draw this evening against Frank J. Marshall, author, Chess Champion U. S. A."

   Bookplate of the Mechanic's Institute with a typewritten, "Gift of Dr. Walter R. Lovegrove."

   Address stamp of William D. Meyer.

   Signature of Club Director, D. H. Mugridge. Presented to Mr. Henry A. Rousseau as joint winner of the Third Prize in the Championship Tournament of the Capital City Chess Club (Sacramento), 1938-1939..

   Signature of Frank X. Mur, "For my Oakland Chess Group colleague and friend."

   Signature of Vladimir Pafnutieff, inscribed to Hans Poschmann.

   Robert Pellerin's address stamp. He was the co-founder of the Fremont CC.

   Inscribed with "Property of Precita Valley Chess Club..."

   Signed by H. J. Ralston; Editor of the magazine California Chess Reporter and the chess columns for the SF Argonaut and the SF News. .

   Bookplate of Henry James Ralston, Jr. .

   Book Stamp of the Russian CC of San Francisco.

   Signature of IM Anthony Saidy.

   Bookplate of Raymond Wayne Schutt.

   Signature of Richard Shorman.

   Signature of Sam Sloane, chess book publisher, inscribed to Kerry Lawless.

   Signature of GM Boris Spassky.

   Signature of GM Mikhail Tal, during the San Francisco International in 1991.

   Signature of GM Jim Tarjan.

   Signature of Bob Trenberth. Expert who was a former champion of the old Oakland CC from the 1950's.

   Signature of IM Josh Waitskin, inscribed to Kerry Lawless.

   Signature of IM Josh Waitskin.

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