Palo Alto 1991 bulletin.
Palo Alto Open 1981 bulletin.
Palo Alto U.S. Open 1981 bulletin.
Pasadena 1932 bulletin.  Published in 1932 by Henry MacMahon.
Pasadena U.S. Closed 1978 program.  Editor - Philip Chase.
Pasadena U.S. Open 1983 program.
Periodical with compilation of Kolty columns from the SF Chronicle, the Vallejo Time-Herald and the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.  Published by REA Associates in 1955.
Psychedelic fantasy PB novel set in SF.  Published by The Players Press in 1981.  (ISBN 941426-00-9).
San Diego Open 1955 bulletin. Published by Jack Spence in 1955.  Produced through the efforts of John Alexander.  Limited edition of 85 copies.
San Francisco 1987 bulletin.  Produced by Ronald Basich in 1988.
San Francisco 1995 PB.  Published by Hypermodern Press in 1996.  (ISBN 1-886040-19-2).
San Francisco 1995 program.
San Francisco Carroll Capps 1983 bulletin.  Published by Cha & Orton in 1983.
San Francisco U.S. Open 1961 bulletin.  Published by Jack Spence in 1961.  Limited to 150 copies.  (ASIN B000MVPRFK).
San Francisco U.S. Open 1961 periodical.  Special supplement to The California Chess Reporter V11N1-2, August-September 1961.
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