Santa Monica 1966 Ajedrez
Santa Monica 1966 HB with dustjacket.  Published in 1968 by Ward Ritchie Press (ISBN 68-23648).
Santa Monica 1966 bulletin published by The Chess Player in 1966.
Santa Monica 1966 bulletin published by the Swiss Chess Agency in 1967.
Santa Monica 1966 program.  Published in 1966.
Self published 13 page metaphysical pamphlet.
Self published 17 page metaphysical pamphlet.
The Best of 25 (1951-1976) by The California Chess Reporter
The Plain Truth About Chess For The Novice by Jim Buff (childhood friend of Bobby Fischer) in San Francisco 1972.
Ticket for 1991 Kasparov lecture.
Ticket for Koltanowski 1993 Blindfold Simul.
Ventura U.S. Open 1971 program.
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