Weibel Chess


2012 National Chess Day, Weibel Over-1300 Quads at NorCal House of Chess

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DSCN5005 DSCN5006 DSCN5007 DSCN5008 DSCN5009
DSCN5005.jpg DSCN5006.jpg DSCN5007.jpg DSCN5008.jpg DSCN5009.jpg
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DSCN5010.jpg DSCN5011.jpg DSCN5013.jpg DSCN5014.jpg DSCN5015.jpg
DSCN5016 DSCN5017 DSCN5018 DSCN5019 DSCN5020
DSCN5016.jpg DSCN5017.jpg DSCN5018.jpg DSCN5019.jpg DSCN5020.jpg

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