Lou Osternig

   Lou Osternig was a familiar face to many chess players in Hayward, California. A sign painter by trade and a fairly accomplished artist, Lou divided his time between work, art, and chess; and, to this day, nobody is certain which he enjoyed most. He was one of the original founders of the Hayward Chess Club back in 1950. The club first met in the lobby of the Green Shutter Hotel on Main and B Street, and over the years, Lou followed the club around as it changed locations right up to when he passed away in 1987.

   Lou loved to have his paintings analyzed, and every one of them had special significance, symbolism, and metaphors reflecting his imagination and personal history. In a note, written to the recipient of this reproduction, Lou writes, "P.S. Please analyze this position for me and advise the proper continuation for black." He would never tell you if your analysis was correct, only grin and puff on one of his constantly lit Pall Malls.