The Shorman Photo Collection

  • #1   Guillermo Rey, Craig Mar, Paul Cornelius, Dov Gorman

  • #2   Elliott Winslow, Dennis Fritzinger, Benard Anderson, Paul Cornelius, Bill Orton, Ted Yudacufski

  • #3   Eric Schiller, Tom Dorsch and George Koltanowski, Art Wang, Mahoney, Art Wang, George Koltanowski, Eric Schiller, Mike Arné

  • #4   Chess for Juniors 5/5/01

  • #5   Alan Glasscoe, Francisco Sierra, Paul Masson Publicity Director with George Koltanowski, Jay Whitehead and Raul G'acha

  • #6   Roman Dzindzichashvili, Maxim Dlugy, George Koltanowski, Richard Shorman and Koltanowski

  • #7   Kenny Fong and Richard Shorman, International Youth Championship, NM John Collins

  • #15   Kenny Fong and Richard Shorman, International Youth Championship

  • #18   Kenny Fong and Richard Shorman, International Youth Championship

  • #8   Renard Anderson

  • #9   IM George Koltanowski, Marcál, Tom Dorsch opposite Nick DeFirmian

  • #10 Page One   Petrosian, San Francisco, Simul Exhibition, (1978), Chernev and Petrosian, NM Irving Chernev and Petrosian, Petrosian and Guthrie McClain, Selma Chernev and Rona Petrosian, Rona Petrosian, Petrosian and Irving Chernev

  • and Page Two   Petrosian, Chernev and Petrosian, Mechanic's Institute Simul

  • #11   Peter Prochaska, Renate Sullivan, NM Marty Sullivan

  • #12   Karen Street, Steve Joplin, Pam Ford, Steve Bell, Salleh Mujahed, John Grefe, Elizabeth Traina

  • #13   Ruby Yudacufski, Kenny Fong and Jon Wooley, Frisco Del Rosario, Robert Pellerin, Sharon Rudahl, Kenny Fong, NM Marty Sullivan, Kerry Lawless, Randy Fong, Robert Phillips

  • #14   No titles

  • #17   No titles

  • #19   Monterey Chess Center, Yudacufski

  • #19_A    Posters from Monterey Chess Center, 1973.
    1. The March of Chess, A Geographical Chronology of the Royal Game
    2. Steinitz to Fischer, Top 25 Contenders for World Title 1886-1973
    3. FIDE Top 100 of 1973
      Click on image to open larger image (roughly ½ meg.)

  • #20   No titles

  • #20a   No titles

  • #20b   NM Kerry Lawless Simul

  • #20c   No titles (Though this has one of the finest photos of a child and chess pieces ever taken).

  • #21   No titles

  • #21a   No titles

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  • #22   No titles, 3 pages.

  • #23   Weibel Elementary, Scholastic Tournament, 5 pages.

  • #24   Scholastic Tournament

  • #25   No titles, several pages

  • #26   No titles, several pages