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And call'd it Caissa from the dryad's name:
(Whence Albion's sons, who most its praise confess,
Approv'd the play, and nam'd it thoughtful Chess.)

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Alan Benson Memorial Service, held at the Mechanics' Institute, June 28, 2015; photos by Richard Shorman

IGM Walter Browne 1949-2015

Last round of the Berkeley Senior Championship; where he tied for 1st.

Alan Benson 1947-2015

Two-board blindfold simultaneous exhibition at the Cherryland Cafe.

IGM Walter Browne and IM Elliott Winslow tied for 1st at the Boris Siff Memorial Senior Championship. Walter Wood won the City of Berkeley Unrated Senior Championship. Both were held concurrently at the South Berkeley Senior Center, May 31, 2015; photos by Richard Shorman

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