CHESS VOICE (Vol. 10, No. 4) August-September 1977


Paul and Jay Whitehead, two teenage chess masters from San Francisco, have been invited to represent the United States in two important European junior tournaments.

Fifteen-year-old Jay will complete in the World Championship for players under 17 (formerly the "cadet" championship) to be held in Cagnes-sur-mer, France, Sept. 8-18. Jay's 17-year-old brother Paul is playing in the Fourth International ECI tournament for players under 20 in Eeklo, Belgium (near Ghent) Aug. 5-14. Both tournaments are FIDE-rated, so the two brothers will both gain FIDE ratings.

Because of the USCF's current financial difficulties, the usual travel money was not available. It was left to CalChess and the boys themselves to come up with the needed funds.

A series of simultaneous exhibitions by the Whitehead brothers is underway. At $4/board, all the money goes into a travel fund which is being coordinated by CalChess Chairman Peter Prochaska. The simuls began at the Paul Masson tournament; where, at $1/board, about $300 was added to the travel fund. Other simuls were held July 27 at the Mechanics' Institute in San Francisco (Paul), July 29 at the Berkeley Chess Club (Paul), July 29 at the San Jose Chess Club (Jay), and August 10 at the Mechanics Institute (Jay).

Additional simuls are scheduled for August 19 at the Berkeley Chess Club (Jay), August 19 at the San Jose Chess Club (Paul), and August 21 at the LERA Chess Club in Sunnyvale (both?).

CalChess was able to arrange for a $500 donation to the travel fund from the southern California-based Jacqueline Piatigorski Foundation. And the American Chess Foundation is also being approached.

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