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(Scans courtesy of Sam Sloan)

Scaccic Voice, Volume 1, Number 1, May 1968

Scaccic Voice, Volume 1, Number 2, June 1968 (First CCCA Ratings List)

Scaccic Voice, Volume 1, Number 3, July 1968

Scaccic Voice, Volume 1, Number 4, August 1968 (Michael Goodall won the CCCA's Regional Open at Berkeley. Kon Grivainis won the 4th Annual Monterey International Open.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 1, Number 5-6, October 1968 ('Charles Chaplin Meets Young Samuel Reshevsky' by D. E. Keeler.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 1, Number 7-8, December 1968-January 1969 ('Better Dead Than Read' by Darryl Dean.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 1, Number 9-10, February-March 1969 (Steven Spencer won the 2nd Annual New Year Open in Concord. David Forthoffer won the 3rd Annual San Francisco By Area Amateur Open in Oakland.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 1, Number 11-12, April-May 1969 (Alex Suhobeck won the Monterey County Chess Championship.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 2, Number 2-3, June-July 1969

Scacchic Voice, Volume 2, Number 4-5, August-September 1969 (The Livermore Alphas, CCCA Eastern Division Champions, drew two playoff matchs with the Hayward team, the CCCA Western Division Champions; the Alphas finally won the CCCA Team Championship with a coin toss.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 2, Number 6-7, October-November 1969 ('Hayward Chess Club and Raymond Ausmus Present Largest Festival in Years'.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 2, Number 8-9, December 1969-January 1970 (NM Jude Acers won the CCCA's Class Tournament in Concord.)

Scacchic Voice, Volume 2, Number 10-11, February-March 1970 ('Charles A. Maddigan Sweeps Bay Area Amateur'; held in Oakland. Charles Henin won the California State Championship.)

Volume 3, Number 1, April-May 1970 (IM William G. Addison won the CCCA's Washingtonian Class, held in Berkeley.)

Number 15, June-July 1970 (NM Jude Acers won the CCCA"s Spring Class in Concord.)

Number 16, August-September 1970 (NM Jude Acers won the 1st Livermore Open. IM Julio Kaplan, IGM Larry Evans and Frank Thornally won the 6th Annual Monterey International Open. Kenneth Morrisey won the California Junior Chess Championship; held in Los Angeles. Sergius von Oettingen won the CCCA Championship.)

Number 17, October-November 1970 (IM Julio Kaplan became the Champion of Central California while playing in the CCCA's Hayward tournament. NM Jude Acers and C. Bill Jones tied for 1st in the CCCA's San Jose Class)

Number 18, December 1970-January 1971 (Charles Pardini won the Flight of the Bumbler B Tournament in Monterey.)

Number 19, February-March 1971 (Steven Cross won 1st Place in the Berkeley Chess Club's Six-Round Random Tournament.)

Number 20, April-May 1971 (Charles Pardini won the Regional Golden Bear Tournament in Berkeley.)

Number 21, June-July 1971 (NM John Grefe, Jeff Kent, NM Julius Loftsson and Dennis Waterman tied for 1st in the Fresno Grand Prix Class Championships.)

Number 22, August-September 1971 (NM Dennis Fritzinger won the 2nd Annual Regional Class, held at the San Jose Central YMCA.)

Number 23, October-November 1971 (IM Julio Kaplan won the 22nd California Open, held in Fresno.)

Number 24, December 1971-January 1972 (IM Julio Kaplan won the Carroll M. Capps Memorial, held at the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club in San Francisco.)

Number 25, February-March 1972 (Roger Gabrielson and Lester Schonbrun tied for 1st in the 6th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Amateur Open, held at the Oakland YMCA.)

Number 26, April-May 1972 (SM James Tarjan won the Grand Prix Class at UC Berkeley.)

Number 27, June-July 1972 (Vitaley Radaikin won the Marin Chess Club's 10th Anniversary Tournament.)

Number 28, August-Setember 1972 (Carl Shiflett won the Berkeley Chess Club Championship.)

Number 29, October-November 1972 (NM John Grefe and Ziad Baroudi won the Pacific Open at San Francisco's famous Fisherman's Wharf.)

Number 30, December 1972-January 1973 (Rex Wilcox won the San Leandro Centennial Tournament, held at Bancroft Junior High School in San Leandro.)

Number 31, February-March 1973 (NM John Grefe won the West Coast Open in Berkeley. NM Larry Christiansen won the 1st Redwood City Chess Club Open.)

Number 32, April-May 1973 (NM Craig Barnes won the CCCA's Grand Prix in Berkeley. NM Craig Barnes won the Bay Area Open Chess Tornado; held in Hayward. 'The Horowitz Legacy' by Jude Acers.)

Number 33, June-July 1973 ('Martin E. Morrison: A Tribute' by Elwin Meyers.)

Number 34, August-September 1973 (SM Kim Commons won the Paul Masson American Chess Championships at the scenic Paul Masson Vineyards in Saratoga. Michael Franett and NM David Blohm tied for 1st in the Monterey International.)

Number 35, October-November 1973 (SM John Grefe, of Berkeley, won the United States Championship.)

Number 36, December 1973-January 1974 (Robert Hammie and Murray Turnbull tied for 1st at the Chabot College Open; held in Hayward. Harry Radke won the Lera Thanksgiving Open in Sunnyvale.)

Number 37, February-March 1974 (Ruben Rodriguez won the 1st People's Chess Festival in Hayward.)

June-July 1974 (NM Dennis Waterman won the 9th Annual Lera Peninsula Chess Championship in Sunnyvale. IM Peter Biyiasas won the Paul Masson American Class Championships; held at the Paul Masson Mountain Vineyards in Saratoga.)

September-October 1974 (IM Julio Kaplan gave a Simultaneous Exhibition in Fremont and scored 16 wins and 1 draw. NM Dennis Waterman won the Fremont Class Championships. NM Clark Harmon won the 11th Annual Arthur B. Stamer Memorial; held at the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club in San Francisco.)

October-November 1974 (NM Jeremy Silman and Borel Menas tied for first in the 1st Palo Alto Open. IM James Tarjan won the California Open North; held at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley.

December 1974-January 1975 (Harry Radke won the 3rd Annual Lera Class Championships in Sunnyvale. GM Walter Browne won the 4th Annual Carroll M. Capps Memorial; held at the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club in San Francisco.)

April-May 1975 (GM Walter Browne won the 2nd Annual People's Chess Tournament; held at Chabot College in Hayward.)

Volume 8, Number 2, June-July 1975 ('Cherryland Cafe: Mecca for Bay Area Chess Players' by Mike Padovani)

Volume 8, Number 3, August-September 1975

Volume 8, Number 4, October-November 1975

Volume 8, Number 5, December 1975-January 1976

Volume 9, Number 1, February-March 1976

Volume 9, Number 2, April-May 1976

Volume 9, Number 3, June-July 1976

Volume 9, Number 4, August-September 1976

Volume 9, Number 5, October-November 1976

Volume 9, Number 6, December 1976-January 1977

Volume 10, Number 1, February-March 1977

Volume 10, Number 2, April-May 1977

Volume 10, Number 3, June-July 1977

Volume 10, Number 4, August-September 1977

Volume 10, Number 5, October-November 1977

Volume 10, Number 6, December 1977-January 1978

Volume 11, Number 1, February-March 1978

Volume 11, Number 2, April-May 1978

Volume 11, Number 3, June-July 1978

Volume 11, Number 4, August-September 1978

Volume 11, Number 5, October-November 1978

Volume 11, Number 6, December 1978-January 1979

Volume 12, Number 1, February-March 1979

Volume 12, Number 2, April-May 1979

Volume 12, Number 3-4, June-September 1979 ('Two Cultures Meet on the Chessboard' by Pat Craig. 'Between Rounds at Lone Pine' by R.E. Fauber. 'How the Whales Got Unlucky at Masson' by Dennis Fritzinger.)

Volume 12, Number 5-6, October 1979-February 1980

Volume 13, Number 1, March-May 1980

Volume 13, Number 2, June-July 1980

Volume 13, Number 3, August-September 1980

Volume 13, Number 4, October-November 1980

Volume 13, Number 5, December 1980-January 1981

Volume 13, Number 6, February-March 1981

Volume 14, Number 1, April-May 1981

Volume 14, Number 2, June-July 1981

Volume 14, Number 3, August-November 1981

Volume 14, Number 4, December 1981-January 1982

Volume 14, Number 5, February-March 1982

Volume 14, Number 6, April-May 1982

Volume 15, Number 1, June-July 1982

Volume 15, Number 2, August-September 1982

Volume 15, Number 3, October-November 1982

Volume 15, Number 4, December 1982-January 1983

Volume 15, Number 5, February-March 1983

Volume 15, Number 6, April-May 1983

Volume 16, Number 1, June-July 1983

Volume 16, Number 2, August-September 1983

Volume 16, Number 3, October-November 1983

Volume 16, Number 4, December 1983-January 1984

Volume 16, Number 5, February-March 1984

Volume 16, Number 6, April-May 1984

Volume 17, Number 1, June-July 1984

Volume 18, Number 1, April-May 1985

Volume 18, Number 2, June-July 1985

Volume 18, Number 3, August-September 1985 ('Death to CalChess'...Dennis Fritzinger won the Lera Open)


The Ballad Of Bobby Fischer by David L. Amkraut, USCF Expert, Chess Voice (No. 29) October-November 1972

**California Hall Of Fame: Northern And Central Divisions** Chess Voice (April-May 1973, Whole No. 32)

Martin E. Morrison: A Tribute by Elwin Meyers, Chess Voice (No. 33) June-July 1973

Bobby Fischer: Superhero? A Tribute by John Larkins, Chess Voice (Vol. 8, No. 3) August-September 1975

Whitehead Brothers Invited To Europe Chess Voice (Vol. 10, No. 4) August-September 1977

The Monterey Chess Center Chess Voice (Vol. 11, No. 5) October-November 1978

Will Bobby Fischer Rise Again? by John Larkins, Chess Voice (Vol. 11, No. 6) December-January 1978-79

Richard Shorman: An Appreciation by Peter Prochaska, USCF Associate Director, Chess Voice (Vol. 13 No. 1) June-July 1980

Ask The Patzers by I.M.A. Mucker, International D Player, Chess Voice, (Vol. 15 No. 3) October-November 1982

Thoughts on The Great Chess movie by R. E. Fauber, Chess Voice (Vol. 17, No. 1) June-July 1984

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